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Details: Extreme Heat Events Jeopardize Cardiovascular Health, Experts Warn Nov. 18, 2021 — A consequence of global warming is a greater frequency and intensity of extreme heat events.

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Details: Nov. 15, 2021 — A 13-year effort to track the mental health of new doctors in their most stressful time of training shows signs that things have gotten better. But those first-year residents

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Children's Health News -- ScienceDaily

Details: Oct. 14, 2021 — Air pollution is known to harm children's respiratory health, but its specific impacts on infection rates have remained unclear. A new analysis provides evidence of a link

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Teen Health News -- ScienceDaily

Details: Just for teens. Read articles about teenage pregnancy, contraception methods, and other teen health and sexuality issues. Also find new research and information on adolescent development.

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How did he do it

Details: Those strategies might help to make similar public health initiatives work in other cities, suggests the report by Kimberley Roussin Isett, PhD, MPA, of Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta

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The social cost of nitrous oxide is understated under

Details: The social cost of nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas that is the largest remaining threat to the ozone layer, is understated, concludes an international team …

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