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Telehealth Bree Collaborative

Details: Executive Director of Operations, Telehealth and Access Management. Kaiser. Sarah Levy, MD. Medical Director, Solution Center and Telehealth. Kaiser. Mandy A. Weeks-Green. Senior Health Policy Analyst. Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner. Tracey Hugel, MSN, RN.

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Bree Collaborative

Details: We have worked on: Obstetrics – Cardiology – Hospital Readmissions – Total Knee and Total Hip Replacement – Spine Surgery – Low Back Pain Lumbar Fusion – End-of-Life Care – Addiction and Dependence Treatment – Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery – Prostate Cancer Screening – Oncology Care – Opioid Prescribing – Pediatric Psychotropic Use – Bariatric Surgery – Behavioral

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Social Determinants of Health Recommendation Framework

Details: health screening and intervention with patients (e.g., do not use jargon, explain how life situation impacts health) o Clarify that screening for social needs does not necessarily mean that the provider, health, or site will be able to meet that need. • Identify how patient …

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Stigma & Bias in Healthcare: The

Details: Stigma is a threat to public health. It influences health outcomes in many ways, carving pathways to health disparities. Today, health experts and authorities are at the forefront working closely with local and federal governments. With health workers becoming frontline workers, overcoming the issue of access to quality care becomes crucial.

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Webinars WA Patient Safety

Details: The webinar focused on defining the Center for Health Design’s 6 elements of Safety Risk Assessment – Infection Control, Patient Handling, Medication Safety, Falls, Behavioral Health, and Security – and illustrated how they can be applied to the design of medical environments.

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Details: health centers, public health clinics, and hospital emer-gency departments. Although it is difficult at this time to predict how the law exactly will affect unauthor-ized immigrants, it appears that access to care may not improve. Conclusion The ACA does not extend health care coverage for unau-thorized immigrants. Because Disproportionate Share

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Bree Collaborative

Details: o Can help with the maternal mental health front as well. If there is a chance for additional screening in a pediatric visit for anxiety/depression. That information transferring from the pediatric provider o The bundle doesn’t solve for all these communication issues – it offers and incentive

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