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Services & Clinics Quinte Health Care

Details: Services & Clinics. Quinte Health Care (QHC) provides a wide range of high-quality health care services through four hospitals: QHC Belleville General Hospital, QHC North Hastings Hospital, QHC Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital and QHC Trenton Memorial Hospital.Our 1,700 staff and 300 medical staff provide care through four emergency departments, operating rooms at three hospitals, a

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Mental Health Services Quinte Health Care

Details: Quinte Health Care Belleville General is designated under the Mental Health Act of Ontario as a Schedule 1 facility providing a continuum of mental health services from crisis intervention, acute inpatient admissions, day hospital community and outpatient clinic support.

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Administration Quinte Health Care

Details: The QHC senior leadership team: Stacey Daub, President & Chief Executive Officer. Carol Smith Romeril, Vice President & Chief Nursing Officer. Dr. Colin MacPherson, Chief of Staff. Bill Tottle, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer. Jeff Hohenkerk, Vice President & Chief Transformation Officer. Susan Rowe, Vice President, People & Strategy

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Share Your QHC Story Quinte Health Care

Details: Share Your QHC Story. Our patients have great stories to share about the care we provide at our hospitals. Sharing your story is a great way to say thanks to the health care team. Our staff and physicians enjoy hearing positive stories as well as ways we can continue to improve the experience for our patients and families.

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White Rose Program launching at QHC Quinte Health Care

Details: Quinte Health Care’s White Rose Program is designed to acknowledge and give respect to patients who have died or are imminently dying while in our care. A laminated photo of a white rose will be placed on the patient’s door to make all staff aware and to ensure they are providing a calm, tranquil environment for the patient and their family.

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All other staff Quinte Health Care

Details: Welcome to Quinte Health Care's staff orientation! Thanks for joining our team at QHC hospitals! We hope you find the information shared during orientation helpful as you transition into your role at …

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Special COVID 19 Edition

Details: the Health Records and Transcripon departments ad to make many adjustments to how they perform ork, and we had to do some “outside of the box” g. Some of the ideas the team came up with were process soluons than what was in place before . For example, the Health Records department at ad a visual work management board on a wall in the ment.

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