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Details: The Antiretroviral Pregnancy Registry enrolls patients through their health care provider. For information on the Registry and related information follow the “Health Care Providers” link. If you are a patient interested in learning about the Registry or other related information or sites, follow the "Patients" link below:

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For Health Care Providers

Details: Health care providers are asked to prospectively (before outcome of pregnancy is known) register women who have been exposed during pregnancy to the medications followed in the Registry. Patient confidentiality is strictly guarded, with no identifying patient information collected.

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Information for Patients

Details: Because the Registry is very careful to protect the patient's confidentiality participation in the Registry is conducted through Health-care Providers rather than directly with patients. The Registry does not collect or maintain patient identifiers such as name, initials, contact information, or date of birth to assure confidentiality.

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Contact the Antiretroviral Pregnancy Registry

Details: Heather Watts, MD Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator and Health Diplomacy Kathryn Arnold, MD National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities Centers for Disease Control & Prevention Andreas Pikis, MD Division of Antiviral Drugs and Products Food and Drug Administration

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Disclaimer - apregistry.com

Details: This website is intended to provide general health care information. It is not intended to provide professional or medical advice and is an inadequate substitute for competent medical advice. While the information contained on this site is believed to be true and accurate at the time it is posted, it may not be and should not be relied upon for

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The Antiretroviral Pregnancy Registry Instructions for

Details: The Antiretroviral Pregnancy Registry . Phone Contact: US/Canada Phone: 800-258-4263 (Toll Free) UK, Germany, France Phone: 00800-5913-1359 (Toll Free)

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